Data available in media including publicly available social data often offers visibility into risk signals on your target company that may not show up in the Financial Due Diligence. Media signals are increasingly seen as critical in informing valuation and strategies when it comes to acquisitions, mergers or investments.

Below are some of the business signals that you can extract by processing media data that expert analysts observe to have an impact on valuations and engagement strategies with a target entity.

  • Signals on Business Growth, Profit and Loss. Data indicating revenue, expenses, liabilities or assets.
  • Key Assertions made through executive quotes.
  • Supplier issues
  • Customer feedback
  • Brand reputation
  • Competitive pressures
  • Customer complaints / dissatisfaction signals / trends.
  • Lawsuits
  • Adverse remarks on business practices or promoters
  • Promoter reputation
  • Pending legal and regulatory issues
  • Associated Individuals and Entities
  • Political Exposure of Target Entity and Promoters
  • Adverse News

Mining for media data requires you to keep in mind the source reputation. The impact of business signals ought to be normalized with source credibility data. Cursory analysis of Media data is laborious and prone to error such as false positives and incorrect classifications, and biased source credibility

Natural Language Processing or Text Analytics offers a massive advantage when it comes to automating and extracting these business signals in real-time. NLP allows you to classify media data into above-listed signals, extract associated entities and people, perform PEP checks and summarize insights for easier consumption.

Media Analysis for Key Business Signals is a key component in SignalX Diligence Platform. Schedule a demo today and find out how SignalX can automate end to end background checks and diligence on any target entity.