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360 degree analysis. From financials, adverse media to AML / Sanctions - all in one place

Features Overview

In depth analysis, fully automated

Our bots and spiders run through the web and on sources of your choice to fetch tonnes of unstructured data on entities, industries and on anything you need.

Leverage Alternative Data

Let our systems identify ‘interesting’ trends and signals from tons of data points. We’re building our systems to think like an analyst.

Cognitive Automation

We’ve trained bots to fetch data from varied sources from across the web and look for impactful signals. Our bots imitate what a human analyst would do, but with improved precision and scale.

Advanced NLP

Documents, files, text is read by the bot using a proprietary AI engine to make sense of the data. The insights are then fed into a path breaking User Interface that helps consume these insights on the fly - as a report or even as a dashboard.

Continuous risk monitoring

Monitor risks continuously over time. Our automated monitoring alerts you as and when a serious risk appears that you need to look at.

Analyst on demand

100 hours of analyst time is included with bulk packages to help you perform custom research and analysis on any entity. Analyst comes with core data analysis and reporting competencies.

Diligence Applications

Financial Insitutions

Reduce credit disbursement cycles and improve onboarding time. SignalX automates the diligence process and helps you leverage web data in risk management

Private Equity & Legal

SignalX is the go-to source for checking signals on your entity of interest. Top up your due diligence process with SignalX reports.

Family Offices

Continously monitor and track risk signals on the entities in your portfolio. SignalX enables faster decision making.

Procurement Teams

Shorten your vendor onboarding cycle and perform a thorough diligence on the entities you are doing business with.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have dealt with my clients for many years, do I still need to carry out customer due diligence?
You need to keep CDD up-to-date for all your clients. You may have sufficient documentary ID details on your files, but if there has been any subsequent change to their circumstances or risk profile, you should update your CDD. It is advised to review clients’ CDD on a regular basis.
How often do I need to perfom diligence checks on the entities I am associated with?
Your customers' circumstances can change frequently, meaning that a historic check may not reflect a customer’s status now. Our ongoing monitoring service will check the status of the customers you monitor on a daily basis to keep your records up to date.
Do you offer tiered reports?
No, unlike some of our competitors, we believe in providing all the data you need in one report to make an informed decision.
What/Where do you get your data from?
Our data is collected from over 200 sources; where possible we will collect information from official registries similar to Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Apart from this, we keep a pulse on the media that is generated in over 100000 URLs for Signals on entities of interest.