Pre-Investment Due Diligence on Targets and Promoters

Run 200+ checks on investments targets and promoters in 48 hours. Check financials, business history, tax filings, litigations, regulatory defaults and reputational risks.

Product Types

Pre-deal DD Logo

Pre-deal DD

Identify connected parties. Check financials, litigations, regulatory defaults, reputational issues, tax filing history and more!

Portfolio Risk Tracker Logo

Portfolio Risk Tracker

Keep a pulse on key corporate filings, new litigations, compliances, and other signals on your portfolio entities.

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Integrity DD

Run credibility checks on promoters and KMPs. Run deep litigation, PEP, adverse media, economic and regulatory default checks.


Client Speak

Building safety into business growth

Globally renowned risk management & compliance teams trust SignalX to identify red flags and ensure the only surprises coming your way are of the good kind. Leverage SignalX’s AI-powered dashboard and exhaustive data sources to examine the financial, legal, regulatory & reputational history of any target in T+ 48 hours.
SignalX’s Pre-Deal Due Diligence covers -
  • Financial Health Checks
  • Promoter Background Checks
  • Reputation checks
  • Historic Financial Checks
  • Legal Diligence & Adverse Litigation Checks
  • GST Compliance Checks
  • Regulatory & Economic Default Checks
  • Headcount Checks
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Adverse Media Checks
  • Financial Quality & Credit Checks
  • AML, Sanctions Lists & PEP checks
  • Buiness Registration & Essential Checks
  • Ultimate Beneficiary Analysis
  • Corporate Governance Checks



Check the target's financial, legal, compliance, and regulatory background to calculate and manage business risks. Onboarding partners is safer than ever before, thanks to 200+ checks that detect market and risk signals.


Automate due diligence from end-to-end, from obtaining data from legal, regulatory, compliance, and media sources to identifying relevant information. Defaults, delays, litigiousness, financial & operational hazards, and regulatory & statutory non-compliance are all red flags to look out for.


Decrease the time it takes to get started. Use SignalX’s automation features to get down to business quickly and take advantage of the industry’s fastest TAT and best coverage.


SignalX is built by a team of technologists with the goal of making it safer for you to do business. We power some of India’s top Forensic, Procurement, Valuation and Due Diligence teams. Our products are used in industries like M&A, Corporate Compliance, Valuations, Risk and more.

Q.How do you source the data for your analysis?

SignalX obtains its data from government agencies, regulators, publicly available media and a variety of other third-party datasets. We’re continually expanding our sources to enable us to generate new analyses such as fraud prediction, credit ratings, and compliance profiles.
SignalX applies its proprietary machine learning algorithms to the collected data to reduce false positives and infer meaning. SignalX does not analyse any data points that have not been made public by the target company or other parties, either through media or in their regulatory filings.

Q. Can I generate reports in the format I need?

Yes! Our analysts will assist you in customizing the reports to meet your organization’s reporting standards. You can also use the platform’s standard reporting format.

Q. What are my billing options?

You can use SignalX's Pre-deal Due Diligence solution on a pay-as-you-go model, only paying for the reports you consume. You can also avail subscription plans that are tailored to suit your specific needs. We transact with global clients and accept digital payments via credit/debit card.

Q.How often should I validate my counterparties?

That depends! You may want to check with your industry regulator to determine the KYB reporting requirements. A bi-annual check is a healthy option, if you work in IT services or Manufacturing.

Q. Can I request custom data points on my counterparties?

Yes! We're one of the most comprehensive risk analysis and due diligence platforms. Our analysis ranges from essential financial checks to complex analyses such as corporate governance checks and insolvency prediction. We're constantly developing new features to help you protect your business from unforeseen risks posed by third parties. You can ask your assigned analyst to include specific data points, to help you meet your requirements.

Q.Can I integrate your diligence checks with my ERP?

Yes! We can provide you with API access to our platform so that you can integrate it with your internal systems. For the API access, we charge a one-time fee which includes developer consultation hours.

Q.Can I automate routine screening of my third parties on SignalX?

Yes! You can maintain your third party list on our platform and automate checks monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. You will be notified as soon as your reports are generated.

Q.Do you offer monitoring services?

Yes! Monitoring services are included in the custom package. You will be notified when a specific signal is detected on your counterparties via email. You can request our analyst to set up custom signal alerts based on your specific requirements.