Generate upto 10 company diligence reports every month.

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Generate upto 30 company diligence reports every month.

  • All Platform features
  • Custom Risk Alerts
  • Comparables
  • Sector Intelligence
  • Wholesome Analyst Support



Generate unlimited company reports every month.

  • All Platform + Prime features
  • Tailored Intelligence
  • Integrations with existing platforms and data sources
  • Custom Analytics, UI and Reporting
  • Analyst and Engineering Support

  • All amounts have 18% GST included
  • We support invoicing, debit and credit card based payments.
  • Attractive discounts available for quarterly and biannual payment


How do you source the data for your analysis?

SignalX sources its data from datasets managed by government agencies, regulators, publicly available media and various other third-party datasets. We’re continually expanding our sources to enable us to generate new analyses such as fraud prediction, credit ratings, and tax profiles.

On top of the collected data, SignalX runs its proprietary machine learning algorithms to reduce false positives and infer meaning. SignalX does not look into any data points that are not made publicly available by the target company or by other parties either through the media or in their regulatory filings.

Can I include your analysis in my internal reports?
Surely. Do link back to us. In the upcoming versions of SignalX, we will enable you to generate extensive analysis and custom reports within the platform itself.
Do you offer tiered reports?
No. Our goal is to be as thorough as possible when it comes to researching and performing diligence on the companies you are engaging with. At the moment we provide the full analysis to all users on the platform.
What are my billing options?
We offer invoicing, credit and debit card based payment options. You can pay as you go. You have the option to discontinue the service anytime. We also offer discounts if you chose to buy a 6-month or 12-month plan. You can get this information from your account executive via the chat application once you log-in.
Is there a refund policy?
No refund policy.
Can I share my login credentials with my team members?
You can avail this feature in the Prime pack. The starter pack is meant for single users only.