Download Whitepaper on Section 29A IBC Investigations in RAs and Bidders

The Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC) is designed to enable ailing corporate entities to explore revival opportunities. Parties interested in investing in the revival of ailing companies are invited to come forward and submit their plans.

Section 29A, often quoted as the most controversial provision of IBC, was thus enacted by way of an amendment to enable the creditors to understand the character of the RA who is proposing a resolution plan for the entity under insolvency.
You can read in depth in this whitepaper about Section 29A IBC and how SignalX runs  Eligibility Checks for RAs and Bidders in the Insolvency Process.

SignalX: Section 29A Investigation Automation

Purpose built for Insolvency Professionals, SignalX’s Section 29A Investigation Automation solution enables users to identify connected parties and run comprehensive checks to establish the character and risk profile of the given RA.

SignalX enables 100+ Insolvency Professionals in running comprehensive checks in fraction of the time it takes otherwise.