Due Diligence

Run financial, litigation, compliance and reputational due diligence checks on suppliers and trade-partners in 48 hours. Identify at-risk entities and shield your supply chain from disruptions.


100+ enterprises use SignalX to screen their suppliers before onboarding

Due Diligence Reports on Vendors & Suppliers in 48 Hours

Supplier Due Diligence

India’s most comprehensive Digital Due Diligence platform 

SignalX pulls data from 200+ regulators, 7000+ courts and 30,000+ media sources to run deep checks on any given entity and its promoters in 48 hours. Check financials, tax records, labor payments, litigations, adverse media mentions, beneficial owners and more on any entity.

Supplier Due Diligence

Collect disclosures and data from Suppliers

Apart from utilizing data from regulators, courts and media, you can collect and maintain disclosures on compliances, financial position and more directly from the supplier through SignalX. 

Supplier Due Diligence

26 Parameter Scorecard & supplier risk rating

Generate a 26 Parameter Risk Scorecard covering aspects such as financial health, promoter background,  reputational signals, compliance rigor and legal risks. Using SignalX risk rating to benchmark prospective suppliers prior to onboarding. 

Supplier Due Diligence

Assess Suppliers of any size and type

Generate SignalX Risk Scorecard and reports on suppliers and trade partners of any size and shape. Be it a small business which may be a proprietor, an unregistered partnership, a private company or a public company.

Supplier Due Diligence

Monitor Strategic & Critical Suppliers

Keep a pulse on your strategic suppliers and vendors on an ongoing basis. Identify developing distress through signals such as delays in tax filings and labor payments, new litigations / disputes with customers and suppliers, economic defaults and more. 

Generate Vendor Due Diligence Reports in 48 hours

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Fast-track Vendor Onboarding with Industry Best Turnaround Time for Risk Assessment Reports

Identify at-risk entities and elevate supply chain resiliency
Build a Resilient Supply Chain
Build a Resilient Supply Chain

Minimize supply chain disruptions due to non compliant and defaulting suppliers and vendors. Ensure that your supply chain consists of entities that are credible and compliant. Monitor strategic parties for developing risks in today’s fast changing economic, regulatory and political environments.

Build Trust and Reduce Onboarding Time
Build Trust and Reduce Onboarding Time

Build trust with counterparties quickly, and onboard fast using SignalX. Automate risk assessment and screening so that you’re talking business with your prospective partners while we take care of ascertaining credibility and underlying risks if any.

Ensure Compliance in your Supply Chain
Ensure Compliance in your Supply Chain

SignalX ensures that sufficient vendor due diligence is conducted on your suppliers to help you comply with various regulations and compliance mandates that modern supply chains have to adhere to - be it Anti Money Laundering, Modern Slavery, Anti Bribery and Corruption, Sanctions, FCPA, UKBA, ESG norms and much more.

Identify Red Flags early on and Mitigate Risks
Identify Red Flags early on and Mitigate Risks

Identify at-risk suppliers in your supply chain, respond quickly and plan for contingencies. Shield your business from financial, legal, reputational and regulatory risks posed by non-compliant suppliers and third-parties.

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Let’s discuss how we help companies assess credibility, track compliance, and build trust in their supply chain, amongst vendors, distributors, customers, and partners. Generate a third-party risk matrix and scorecard now!

Execute 200+ risk and compliance checks on new and existing suppliers

Assess the risk of your counterparties, such as vendors, suppliers and business partners, to generate a composite risk score. Trusted by India’s top compliance & audit teams, our carefully curated databases & AI-powered dashboard enable you to run:

Financial Health Checks
Adverse Litigation Checks
Adverse Media Checks
Promoter Background Checks
Business Registration & Essential Checks
FCPA( Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)
ESG Checks
GST Compliance Checks
Financial Quality & Credit Checks
Historic Financial Checks
Headcount Checks
Corporate Governance Checks
Anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) Checks
UK Bribery Act Checks
AML, Sanctions Lists & PEP Checks
Ultimate Beneficiary Analysis
Reputation Checks
Customer Sentiment Analysis
Regulatory & Economic Default Checks
GRC Mandates
Modern Slavery Checks


SignalX is built by a team of technologists with the goal of making it safer for you to do business. We power some of India’s top Forensic, Procurement, Valuation and Due Diligence teams. Our products are used in industries like M&A, Corporate Compliance, Valuations, Risk and more.

SignalX sources its data from datasets managed by government bodies, regulators, courts, publicly available media, and various other third-party datasets. We’re continually expanding our sources to enable us to generate new analyses such as fraud prediction, credit ratings, and compliance profiles.
On top of the collected data, SignalX runs its proprietary machine learning algorithms to reduce false positives and infer meaning. SignalX does not look into any data points that are not made publicly available by the target company or by other parties either through the media or through their regulatory filings.

Yes! We’re one of the most comprehensive risk analysis and due diligence platforms. Our analysis ranges from essential financial checks to complex analyses such as corporate governance checks and insolvency prediction. We’re constantly developing new features to help you protect your business from unforeseen risks posed by third parties. You can ask your assigned analyst to include specific data points, to help you meet your requirements.

Yes! You can maintain your third-party list on our platform and automate monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual automated screenings. You will be notified about your reports as and when they are generated.

Yes! Our analysts will help you customize the reports so that it meets your reporting standards. You can also use the default reporting format available on the platform.

Yes! We can provide you with API access to our screening plaform which you can use to integrate with your internal systems. We charge an additional one-time set-up fee for the API access which includes developer consultation hours.

You can use SignalX’s Third-Party Risk Assessment solution on a pay-as-you-go model, only paying for the reports you consume. You can also avail subscription plans that are tailored to suit your specific needs. We transact with global clients and accept digital payments via credit/debit card.

That depends! You may want to check with your industry regulator for the KYB reporting requirements. If you’re in IT Services or Manufacturing, a bi-annual check is a healthy option.

Yes! Monitoring services are included in the custom package. You will be notified when a specific signal is detected on your counterparties via email. You can request our analyst to set up custom signal alerts based on your specific requirements.

Run Comprehensive Due Dligence Checks on your Vendors