Generate Section 29A (IBC) Due Diligence Reports

Run Section 29A (IBC) Due Diligence Checks on Resolution Applicants, Bidders and their Connected Parties with automated Connected Party discovery.


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The SignalX Advantage

Rigorous Connected Party Identification

SignalX does a deep dive into corporate filings and disclosures to identify promoters, directors, Key Managerial Personnel, people with significant influence. Generate a list of connected parties in no time.

Connected Party Identification on SignalX
Comprehensive Public Record Diligence

SignalX taps into 200 regulators, 3000 courts and thousands of other data sources such as corporate filings, media to do a deep dive on the given target to help you conduct a comprehensive Section 29A due diligence.

Unrivalled Litigation Research capabilities

Deep research on data from all high courts, supreme court, key tribunals and regulators and select district courts upon request. False positive and probable match technologies helps you zero down on meaningful litigations.

Connected Party Identification on SignalX
48 hour Turnaround Time

We understand your urgency. Our Due Diligence AI performs in-depth checks on the target and its connected parties as per 29A requirements and generates a presentable report in 48 hours (TAT). Read our FAQs below for a detailed breakdown of our TAT.

SignalX's bespoke solution for IBC Section 29A Eligibility checks powers Insolvency Professionals with data like never before


CIRP & Liquidation Projects Enabled


Connected Parties Identified & Analysed
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How SignalX Works

3 step process to supercharge your Resolution Applicant verification process.

Enter RA Name

Enter the name of the Resolution Applicant in your console. Our system will automatically identify possible connected/related parties from regulator and media data. This is checked against real-time data extracted from regulators.

Expand Network

Your analysis is made live in your console after 48 hours. You can then review and add new related parties to the analysis. The analysis is re-run and the report with the newly added related parties is available after 2 hours.

Investigate RA

Dive into the analysis to identify and research data points and source files to arrive at your IBC Section 29A eligibility decisions. Export source files to attach with your reports.

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SignalX is built by a team of technologists with the goal of making it safer for you to do business. We power some of India’s top Forensic, Procurement, Valuation and Due Diligence teams. Our products are used in industries like M&A, Corporate Compliance, Valuations, Risk and more.

Connected parties are defined in IBC (2016) and also the Companies Act 2013. We have explored the definitions in detail here and here. At SignalX, our goal is to be as thorough as possible in connected party identification so that the Resolution Professional has a broad set of entities to include or exclude from the final report. If the target, i.e, the resolution applicant, is an entity, we identify the promoters, associated entities, subsidiaries, key managerial personnel, directors, past directors, shareholders with more than 2% fully diluted shareholding as the level one connected parties.

Other entities where the promoters, directors, KMPs, key shareholders are in management control, promoters and directors and KMPs of associate companies and subsidiaries, the family tree of individuals in level one connected party network form the Level 2 connected party network of the target.

The user can also choose to go further deeper into Level 3 in a similar format. You can talk to our Product Specialist by booking a meeting with us to understand our approach better.

No. However, if you have a list of connected parties provided to you by the resolution applicant, you can share the same with us under a non-disclosure agreement. We can verify and enhance the provided list using our own connected party identification methodology.

Father’s names of promoters, directors, and KMPs are identified from the PAN details wherever available. Details of Mother, Spouse, Siblings, Children, Children of Siblings, Father’s Siblings, and Mother’s Siblings are provided by the user in specific cases where the Resolution Professional wants to be thorough on the eligibility assessment.

Yes. You can use SignalX to analyze entities, individuals, proprietors, consortiums, partnership entities, trusts, and other forms of businesses.

No. We’re an analytics utility and public data research platform that does deep-dive research on any given target. We offer reports in a standardized format that have been directly used across 250+ CIRPs. If the Resolution Professional requires a signed declaration of eligibility or ineligibility of a target, the RP may share our report with any law firm for the same. The complete data dump of the research can be exported along with the report to substantiate the findings.

We pull data directly from thousands of sources including courts, regulators, corporate registry, media, tribunals, law enforcement, watchlist, and more. Connect with us over a call to take a look at the detailed list of data sources we cover in our analysis.

No. We do not interact with the given target in any capacity. The analysis executed is based on data made available by regulators, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, courts, watchlists, and more.

For a target with a connected party network for 20 entities, the entire analysis including the reporting is executed in 48 hours. Thereafter for every 20 additional connected parties, the analysis may take an additional 24 hours.

Yes, we do. For our clients, we have analyzed resolution applicants from countries like Singapore, Mauritius, BVI, UK, Brazil, USA, Ethiopia, and more. You can talk to our sales team to understand the scope of checks we execute in these jurisdictions.

We procure our data directly from the specific regulatory authorities in real-time. Meaning SignalX does not rely on a pre-existing internally stored database but we pull the data fresh for every analysis directly from the source. This allows us to provide the latest litigation, regulatory, and media data for our users, keeping in mind the criticality of the checks we execute.