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SignalX helps financial and legal analysts supercharge their due-diligence and valuation projects. We're trusted by top Valuation and Forensic teams in India.


Supported Analyses & Features

Below are some of the analyses and features that you can access on the platform today, and a glimpse into the upcoming analyses.

Overview and Ownership Analysis:

  • Examine the target company’s ownership and group structures, and equity holding patterns.
  • Analyze changes in ownership structure over time. Understand key individuals involved at the CXO levels and their relationship with other entities.
  • Get an overview of company status and key incorporation details.
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Financial Strength Image

Financial Strength:

  • In-depth financial analysis on cash flow, profit & loss, and balance sheet data across years.
  • Key performance indicators are key ratios computed for you by the platform. Understand trends in profitability, operational margin, PAT, Effective Tax rate and more.

Litigations Analysis:

  • Examine current and past litigations on the target entity or its key individuals (upcoming) across all courts in India, be it at district courts, high courts or at the Supreme Court.
  • Examine litigations at function-specific forums such as Company’s Law Appellate Tribunals, Income Tax Tribunals, Customs and Commerce Tribunals and more.
  • Understand the severity of Litigations to gauge their impact on your business relationships with the target entity.
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Associated Entities:

  • Examine the executive relationships between Directors or Partners of the target entity and other entities they may be associated with.

Related Parties:

  • Identify people and organizations related to the entity of interest. SignalX parses media data for co-occurring entities and people to display a relationship map.
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Regulator Red Flags:

  • Examine regulatory notifications put forth by key regulators on the target company.
  • SignalX covers SEBI, CIBIL and RBI notifications at the moment, and is soon launching third party credit rating notifications as well.
  • The platform maintains an ever-expanding list of regulatory notifications be it from banks, financial regulators, competition commissions and market regulators.

Adverse Media Signals:

  • Examine instances of adverse business signals from media data.
  • SignalX is trained to identify and flag various kinds of legal issues, regulatory issues, and turbulence from the media data around the target company.
  • The platform also allows you to understand the trends on these adverse events helping you position them on a timeline.
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Business Signals Image

Business Signals:

  • SignalX generates an array of valuable business signals from media data.
  • The platform is equipped with machine intelligence that identifies Product Launches, Competitive Pressures, Executive Comments, Business Growth/ Loss, Executive Changes and more.
  • The Platform summarizes this information for your quick consumption.

Upcoming Features

All upcoming features are included in the same price for a period of 12 months for the users signing up with us by 31st March.
  • Financial Statement Fraud Prediction
  • NPA prediction
  • AML, Sanctions Lists
  • PEP checks
  • Import Export trade analysis of the target entity
  • Adverse Litigations
  • Brand Reputation
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Credit Rating and Credit Risk Signals
  • Customer Sentiment and Feedback Analysis
  • Trust Score
  • Advanced Adverse Media Signals
  • Advanced Business Signals
  • Intellectual Property
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Custom Report Generation, Workspace and Export options.