Signalx Platform

SignalX is trusted by top Forensic teams in the country when it comes to company research and diligence. Our platform enables you to access this deep-dive analysis on any target company to manage and mitigate your third party risks.

Supported Analysis & Features

Below are some of the analysis and features that you can access on the platform today, and a glimpse into the upcoming analyses.

Overview and Ownership Analysis:

  • Examine the target company’s ownership and group structures, and equity holding patterns.
  • Analyze changes in ownership structure over time. Understand key individuals involved at the CXO levels and their relationship with other entities.
  • Get an overview of company status and key incorporation details.
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Financial Strength Image

Financial Strength:

  • In-depth financial analysis on cash flow, profit & loss, and balance sheet data across years.
  • Key performance indicators are key ratios are computed for you by the platform. Understand trends in profitability, operational margin, PAT, Effective Tax rate and more.

Litigations Analysis:

  • Examine current and past litigations on the target entity or its key individuals (upcoming) across all courts in India, be it district, high courts or at the Supreme Court.
  • Examine litigations at function-specific forums such as Company’s Law Appellate Tribunals, Income Tax Tribunals, Custom and Commerce Tribunals and more.
  • Understand the severity of Litigations to gauge their impact on your business relationships with the target entity.
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Associated Entities:

  • Examine the executive relationships between Directors or Partners of the target entity and other entities they may be associated with.

Related Parties:

  • Identify people and organizations related to the entity of interest. SignalX parsers media data for co-occurring entities and people and displays a relationship map.
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Regulator Red Flags:

  • Examine regulatory notifications put forth by key regulators on the target company.
  • SignalX covers SEBI, CIBIL and RBI notifications at the moment, and is soon launching third party credit rating notifications as well.
  • The platform maintains an ever-expanding list of regulatory notifications be it from banks, financial regulators, competition commissions and market regulators.

Adverse Media Signals:

  • Examine instances of adverse business signals from media data.
  • SignalX is trained to identify and flag various kinds of legal issues, regulatory issues, and turbulence from the media data around the target company.
  • The platform also allows you to understand the trends on these adverse events helping you position them on a timeline.
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Business Signals Image

Business Signals:

  • SignalX generates an array of valuable business signals from media data.
  • The platform is equipped with machine intelligence that identified Product Launches, Competitive Pressures, Executive Comments, Business Growth/ Loss, Executive Changes and more.
  • The Platform summarizes this information for your quick consumption.

Upcoming Features

All upcoming features are included in the same price for a period of 12 months for all the users signing up with us by 31st March.
  • Financial Statement Fraud Prediction
  • NPA prediction
  • AML, Sanctions Lists
  • PEP checks
  • Import Export trade analysis of the target entity
  • Adverse Litigations
  • Brand Reputation
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Credit Rating and Credit Risk Signals
  • Customer Sentiment and Feedback Analysis
  • Trust Score
  • Advanced Adverse Media Signals
  • Advanced Business Signals
  • Intellectual Property
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Custom Report Generation, Workspace and Export options.