Research Analyst-Trainee

Hyderabad, India
Hyderabad, India
Research Analyst-Trainee
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Job Description:

SignalX is on a mission to make the world a safer place to do business by simplifying third-party risk management and credibility assessment thereby helping businesses minimize risk, reduce fraud and be compliant. 

The Product Research team is central to providing maximum value to our customers. This Researcher role supports our core product team, which builds new products and solutions and upgrades existing products through innovation. Specifically, this role will explore themes such as new business opportunities, competition, market size, affordability, and perceived value.

This is an opportunity to become part of innovative research with a demonstrable impact on a global scale. You will be responsible for product & market research, analyzing research studies that generate insights to empower business decisions. You will partner with cross-functional teams passionate about delivering the most value to all our customers.

  • Undertake research that generates insights into new markets.
  • Synthesize data from multiple sources (surveys, 3rd party, SMEs) to craft clear insights with strategic business impact.
  • Proactively partner with cross-functional teams, including Product, Delivery, Sales, etc., to develop new research initiatives.
  • Identify best practices in existing and emerging research methodologies
Preferred Skills and Qualifications:
  • Knowledge in product research, market research, and analytics, including hands-on experience leading end-to-end quantitative research studies. Some mixed methods research experience is preferred.
  • A balance of market and analytical skills with the ability to proactively define research questions, identify appropriate methods, execute studies, and synthesize findings
  • Strong communicator with a bias toward action to proactively collaborate with multiple teams across the company
  • Self-starter and problem solver who loves “getting in the weeds” with quantitative data (including survey data, public “big data” repositories, and internally logged data).
  • Experience with data querying, wrangling, and analysis; proficient in SQL.
  • Knowledgeable of relevant statistical concepts (significance testing, regression/linear models). Experience with longitudinal analysis, multilevel/mixed effects modeling, and/or survey weighting is a plus.
  • Master’s/Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
  • Research experience is preferred but not required
  • Experience or interest in growth and pricing research preferred
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