Download Sample Report on Pre-Investment Due Diligence

Run financial, litigation, compliance and reputational due diligence checks on potential investment targets and promoters in 48 hours. Identify Red Flags early on and fast-track deal cycles.

SignalX powers Pre-Investment Due Diligence Investment, Credit and Legal Teams with data like never before

Identify Red-Flags Early On
Fast-track Deal Cycles
26 Parameter Risk Scorecard & Dashboard
Fully Automated and Self Service
Comprehensive Checks

Globally renowned risk management & compliance teams trust SignalX in pre-investment due diligence to identify red flags and ensure the only surprises coming your way are of the good kind. Leverage SignalX’s AI-powered dashboard and exhaustive data sources to examine the financial, legal, regulatory & reputational history of any target in 2 days.

SignalX is built by a team of technologists with the goal of making it safer for you to do business. We power some of India’s top Forensic, Procurement, Valuation and Due Diligence teams. Our products are used in industries like M&A, Corporate Compliance, Valuations, Risk and more.