Download Sample Report on Vendor Due Diligence

Due Diligence Reports on Vendors & Suppliers in 48 Hours

Run financial, litigation, compliance and reputational due diligence checks on suppliers and trade-partners in 48 hours. Identify at-risk entities and shield your supply chain from disruptions.

26 Parameter Scorecard & supplier risk rating
India’s most comprehensive Digital Due Diligence platform
Assess Suppliers of any size and type
Collect disclosures and data from Suppliers
Monitor Strategic & Critical Suppliers

Fast-track Vendor Onboarding with Industry Best Turnaround Time for Risk Assessment Reports Identify at-risk entities and elevate supply chain resiliency. Assess the risk of your counterparties, such as vendors, suppliers and business partners, to generate a composite risk score. Trusted by India’s top compliance & audit teams, our carefully curated databases & AI-powered dashboard enable you to run vendor due diligence.

SignalX is built by a team of technologists with the goal of making it safer for you to do business. We power some of India’s top Forensic, Procurement, Valuation and Due Diligence teams. Our products are used in industries like M&A, Corporate Compliance, Valuations, Risk and more.