[New Feature Alert!] Sanctions Checks & Statutory Compliance on SignalX

[New Feature Alert!] Sanctions Checks & Statutory Compliance on SignalX

Not long ago, we expanded our 1000+ strong regulators, tribunals and court documentation sources from across the nation. We also enhanced targeted investigation with our “Individual” target type filter (this one’s for you if you missed our last update), which has been a huge hit.

This month we are excited to bring you the latest updates to our Due Diligence modules!

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Safer decisions with Global Sanctions Checks

Sanctions are powerful economic measures that protect international peace and law. Moreover, they are an essential domain to assess business risks. With the increasing focus towards the prevention of money-laundering, financial crimes and the protection of labour, environment and human rights by businesses (ESG Compliance), non-compliance with global sanctions lists is a critical red flag.

SignalX's Global Sanctions Check module provides an easy view of any sanctioned potential counterparties
Identify Sanctioned parties associated with any target to safeguard your business.

Sanctions and political exposure have long-term consequences for businesses, even by association. SignalX’s allows you to determine how closely each party with whom you do business is linked to a sanctioned individual or organisation. These exhaustive sanctions checks mitigate future risks that might arise for your business.

SignalX's Global Sanctions Reports come with ready filters for you to identify the most relevant pieces of information from your report.

Use our nifty Sanctions Tracker to splice & dice your findings.

What does a SignalX Sanctions Check contain?

Assume you’re starting a transaction with someone in another country. Have you checked to see if that entity or country is sanctioned? How can you be sure that the transaction is secure and that it does not break any sanctions or embargoes? With checks across 21 key international sanctions lists that include those under the UN, Interpol, international regulatory bodies (OFAC, HMT) etc., as part of our Supplier Risk Intelligence and Pre-deal Due Diligence solutions, ensure secure and trust-worthy partnerships.

Download the full list of Sanctions checks carried out by SignalX here.

Lock, Stock, and Smoking Barrel

GST, EPFO & TDS details on your dashboard

SignalX’s due diligence checks are more comprehensive than ever with the enhanced statutory compliance module to our Pre-Deal Due Diligence and Supplier Risk Intelligence solutions. Conduct checks on GST, EPFO, and MCA filings to flag off any defaults or delays to safeguard your business against hefty fines, operational and regulatory risks associated with potential partners.

Next month, we’re excited to bring you more updates on how we’re enabling companies to engage in safer business. Till then, write to us at info@signalx.ai or speak to our team to walk you through these new features and their benefits.

Stay tuned!

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SignalX is purpose-built to help you understand the credibility of the parties you are doing business with and helps you stay compliant with regulatory requirements / internal risk policies through various due diligence checks on any concerned party.

We enable Corporate Compliance and Legal teams to assess potential engagements and streamline business partner on-boarding via an air-tight and easy to use due-diligence automation platform, powered by AI.

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